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Lords of Misrule - Signed Glossy Paperback

Lords of Misrule - Signed Glossy Paperback

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Signed Lords of Misrule Paperback

This is a glossy cover private run edition.

I was a good girl all year long. Would have made it to the top of Santa’s list.
But when three men in masks offer to team up to steal the same rare paintings I need to save my brother, I’m desperate enough to risk it all.
Did I mention they’re also the hockey team’s infamous star players—feared across campus and ready to raise hell this holiday season against some of the same people I am?
Christmas might be coming early for me.
The only problem is—the team captain and I? We hate each other.
And pulling off this little holiday heist means we all have to cozy up under the same roof.
But if getting everything I ever wished for this year means a little teamwork with a few masked men, can you really blame me for signing up for a stocking stuffed full of coal?

Please allow 3-4 weeks fulfillment. 

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