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Maggie Rawdon

Delay of Game Alternate Cover - Signed Paperback

Delay of Game Alternate Cover - Signed Paperback

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Signed Paperback of Alternate Cover Delay of Game


"She wants lessons to end her wallflower era, but the only thing I want to teach her is how to be mine."

Olivia is my best friend and the one person who was there for me when I wanted to quit football freshman year.
We’re just friends. A fact I have to remind myself of every time I see another guy flirt with her.
She thinks I’m a nice guy. A good friend. Her grumpy protective “bestie”.
But what I really want? It would make her blush.
So when she tells me she’s tired of blending into the background and asks me to tutor her, I can’t say no.
Even though I should, because my past means she’s the last person on earth I should touch.
And with everything on the line right now—championships, the draft and our final year—I need her more than ever.
So when it all catches up with me in the worst possible way, I have to face an impossible choice—or risk dragging her down with me.
And this game is one I can't afford to lose.

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