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Maggie Rawdon

Alternate Cover Play Fake - Signed Paperback

Alternate Cover Play Fake - Signed Paperback

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Signed Paperback of Alternate Cover of Play Fake


She might not like me, but she wants me.
I'm used to being worshipped like a football god.
Everyone on campus loves me, except her.
Which is why when her ex breaks her heart and her friends plot revenge, I volunteer to be her fake boyfriend.
She hates the plan, almost as much as she hates me. We can barely speak without tearing each other to shreds.
But sometimes when we fight, she looks at me like she might not hate all of me.
Any advantage on the field is a good one, right?
But then she asks me for a favor I don’t know if I can deliver on.
And I make a confession that could have this whole game falling apart.

Please allow 3-4 weeks fulfillment.

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