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Maggie Rawdon

Alternate Cover Overtime - Signed Paperback

Alternate Cover Overtime - Signed Paperback

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Signed Paperback of alternate edition of Overtime


Colton St. George is the league’s star quarterback, the most eligible bachelor in the country, and the poster boy for “nice guy”.
Everyone wants a piece of him.
Including me—because I need him in front of my camera to raise money for charity.
There’s just one problem.
Before he was famous, I took his already broken heart and shattered it.
So he only agrees to do the photos on one condition—I go first.
In his home, at his discretion.
And in private? He isn’t quite the good guy I remember.
Before I know what's happening we're unraveling in a game of favors and bets.
One I’m not sure either of us can win

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